Currently in service with the US Military the Commando is the ultimate in sea kayaks. Based on our Mark II platform the Commando has been modified and specialized for military service. Our high quality frame is dipped in black paint and physically coded to aid assembly in low visibility conditions. The hull is made of Hypalon rubber and includes a full set of keel strips. Your choice of an Olive Green cotton deck or Forest Green, Tan, Gray or Black Sea Mark® deck is reinforced at critical points to withstand the most extreme conditions imaginable.

The Commando is the finest in wooden kayaks on the market. It is hand-crafted of durable and beautiful birch and has the best components available. Each kayak is hand-constructed and is guaranteed to take you where you want to go. Specialized comfort seating will enhance any operation you care to take it on. Built tough and designed to last. We stand behind our product.

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