Unique among the Long Haul line is the Ute. This boat was designed to be a highly portable lightweight boat that would meet our standards for reliability and ruggedness.

The Ute features our craftsman built ash and birch frame dipped in multiple coats of varnish to provide a beautiful, hard, long lasting finish. The hull is made of the finest black CSM poly fabric rubber compound, a time tested product whose strength and durability are legendary. You also may choose a fabric deck of either our cotton or Sea Mark® materials.

“For me the Ute is a great workout boat. Whether I’m taking it off the roof of my truck, or assembling it I can get on the water quickly and get a tremendous cardio vascular workout. The boat is fast, fun to paddle and tracks beautifully. It handles like a sports car on the water. I’ve personally had the boat on the water approximately 75 times this last summer. I’m going to be living in the Puget Sound area of Washington state and would be happy to let you try any of the Long Haul boats.” 

Peter Whitmore
Sales Representative 
Long Haul Folding Kayaks 

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