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Folding Kayak
Folding Kayak
Folding Kayak
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Folding Kayak Wood Interior
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SOLD! Mark II Stretch Expedition Package

Long Haul Folding Kayaks

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Long Haul’s Expedition model boats provide all the features needed for longer distance paddling.

Superior reliability, larger load capacity, and proven stability provide everything needed to confidently go into remote waters or where ever your expedition takes you.

Package Includes:

  • Mark II Stretch Expedition Kayak
  • Your Choice of Velcro Tuck-Under or Expedition Tuck-Under Spraycover
  • Bow and Stern Oval Hatches
  • Two Comfort Seats
  • Set of Three Classic Packing Bags
  • Longren Packing Sleeve
  • Complete Rudder Assembly with Standard Blade
  • Front Foot Brace
  • Four 2-inch Keel Strips
  • Bow and Stern Grab Handles
  • Four Toggle-Style Paddle Tie-Downs
  • Lifeline