Aerius I & II -- Parts and Repair Service

Parts: For handy Aerius paddlers who are doing their own repairs, we have what you need from rivets to 4 mm birch plywood and everything in between. We have new frame parts and fittings, as well as many types of used parts to help with those difficult to find items. Mark examines each used part to ensure quality and integrity. See below for frame parts and fittings.

Repairs: Mark was trained by the manufacturer and has been repairing Aerius I and Aerius II boats for more than three decades. If you need assistance with Aerius I or II parts or want to discuss your needed repairs call Mark today. He is THE repair expert.


Recently a customer entrusted us with a major repair to his 35-year-old Aerius II skin. Here’s what he had to say: Hello Mark and Crew:  I just unboxed the skin that you worked on. Wow! I am very happy with what you did. Job well done. Thank you for the work and the recommendations. Sincerely, Wayne

Klepper Aerius Kayak

Types of Aerius I and II Repairs Mark Handles in the Shop:

Complete Deck Replacement -- Keelstrip Installation -- Deck Repairs -- Sponson and Sponson Sack Repairs -- Bumper Replacement -- Resew and Tape Gunwale Seams -- Hull Patching -- Resewing Seams -- Adding Bow and Stern Deck Fittings -- Accessory Repairs -- Frame Repairs