Sail Rigs, Kits and Sailing Accessories

Rigging your kayak or canoe for sailing adds a whole new dimension to being on the water and is easier than you think.

Long Haul Folding Kayaks are easily transformed to sailing vessels unlike most kayaks that simply aren't built to accommodate sail rigs or withstand the impact sailing can have on a boat. We install sail rigs for new boat orders as well as on customers existing boats.

We’ve partnered with Balogh Sail Designs (BSD) to provide Long Haul Folding Kayak fans with the ability to transform their paddling boat to a sailing vessel. We chose BSD because of their high-quality standards and the functionality of their sails and rigging. Together, Long Haul Folding Kayaks and BSD create a world-class combination of performance, quality, portability, and durability that will meet your criteria.