Mark II Classic
Folding Kayak

Mark II Classic

Long Haul Folding Kayaks

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Pacific Blue
Jockey Red
Forest Green
Cadet Light Gray
Smoke Medium Gray

The Mark II is our 17-foot-long double kayak for two people. Its capabilities make it perfect for day paddling as well as long expedition trips. The Mark II is extremely stable and can handle a maximum weight capacity of 800 lbs.  

The Mark II can be easily transformed into a solo kayak. It's well suited for stronger solo paddlers going on longer trips who can use the extra cargo space to carry more gear.  

Every boat is made of hand-selected Ash hardwood and Birch laminate frame; black CSM rubber hull material (50oz./sq.yd.); acrylic deck material by SeaMark™ and stainless steel fittings

Mark II Classic Boat Packages Include:

  • Mark II Classic Kayak
  • Spraycover
  • Comfort Seats
  • Set of 3 Standard Packing Bags
  • Longren Packing Sleeve
  • Complete Rudder Assembly with Standard Blade
  • 12 Deck D-Rings
  • Bow & Stern Grab Handles
  • Front Foot Brace
  • Deck Color of Your Choice: Blue, Red, Forest Green, Black, Smoke Gray and Cadet Gray 

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