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Long Haul Folding Kayaks and Canoes are Made for Hard Work  

Military kayak

We produce folding kayaks and canoes for the military, government agencies, research/environmental organizations, private military/training contractors, as well as for consumers. 

military kayak

Each Long Haul Folding Kayak is made from the highest quality materials and offers superior stability, serious load capacity, excellent tracking, and unparalleled reliability. They are built for maximum efficiency and hard work and long hours in the water. Each model is thoughtfully laid out to support paddlers completing their jobs and missions. These boats are available individually and in small fleets and are designed to pack down and be highly portable. 

We have a proven track record of meeting military contract deliverables and there are a large number of Long Haul Folding Kayaks currently in service with U.S. military for more than 14 years. Our proud service to the U.S. Military is confirmed by the fact that we are the only folding kayak included in U.S. military field manual: FM3-05.212. We are under the U.S. Federal Government contract authority FAR Part 11, as a single-source manufacturer. Our kayaks and canoes are made in America and Berry Amendment Compliant. 

Check out our Commando assembly video. Please contact us at office@longhaulfoldingkayaks.com to discuss your work and tactical needs.



Military Grade Folding Kayak

Military Kayaks

Military Kayaks