Sail and Paddle in Your Long Haul Folding Kayak

You’ll have two boats in one: a sailboat and a kayak. 

Long Haul Folding Kayaks are one of the few folding kayaks that can successfully be rigged to sail delivering maximum performance and a whole lot of fun. You can sail your boat just as easily as you can paddle. Rigging your kayak or canoe for sailing adds a whole new dimension to being on the water and is easier than you think.   

We’ve partnered with Balogh Sail Designs (BSD) to provide Long Haul Folding Kayak fans with the ability to transform their paddling boat to a sailing vessel. We chose BSD because of their high-quality standards and the functionality of their sails and rigging. Together, Long Haul Folding Kayaks and BSD create a world-class combination of performance, quality, portability, and durability that will meet your criteria. 

Check out BSD sail rigs on our website and contact us to talk about how we can help you sail.


Fishing . . . 

Kayak fishing provides paddlers with motorless, quiet access to great fishing waters, without disturbing the very fish you're trying to catch. Sit-on-top kayaks can be fun for a day of fishing in mild weather, but longer fishing trips in tougher weather and open waters require the dependability and stability of a folding kayak. 

Long Haul Folding Kayaks can be easily rigged for fishing by Mark and his team. Just tell us how and where you fish and we'll get you set up. 

Fishing Kayak

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing