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Kayak Cover
Kayak Cover
Kayak Cover
Kayak Cover
Kayak Cover

Kayak Cover with Stuff Sack -- MK-I

Long Haul Folding Kayaks

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Your kayak's best friend!

This cover is ideal for protecting your kayak when "car-topping" -- transporting your boat to your destination after it is assembled. It provides a layer of protection against weather, road grime, and wear from tie-down straps.

Our kayak cover is also ideal for short-term storage of your boat outside if you want to leave it assembled overnight while on expedition or at your camping destination. 

The cover is made to last, crafted from Sunbrella top-quality outdoor fabric with weather friendly fittings and straps. It is shaped for a tight fit around the bow and stern and the sides feature elastic casings with straps and hardware to ensure cover stays put even in rough weather. 

The cover is always available in green, but other colors may be available. Call us. 

** This cover is not designed for long-term, outdoor storage of your kayak. Please check our website page for information on proper long-term storage.