Folding Kayak Keelstrip Installation Kit

Keelstrip Installation Kit and Instructions

Long Haul Folding Kayaks

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This kit contains materials to install keelstrips, including 60 grit sandpaper, 2 cotton shop cloths, 2" brush and neoprene cement. This is the same neoprene cement we've used for 25 years to adhere keelstrips in the shop -- there is no better material for the job. 

Select the kit with a pint of neoprene cement to apply two 2" or 2.5" keelstrips.

Select the kit with a quart of neoprene cement to apply a full set of keelstrips, including a two 2" or 2.5" and one 10" keelstrips.

Please note kit does not include solvent or heavy-duty rubber gloves. These items are not returnable. 

 Click here for downloadable instructions.